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You Can Now Use Your Netflix Subscription Anywhere In The EU

Inaccessibility issues across borders have been bugging us long enough. Thanks to EU’s new regulations, now you can watch your favorite shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime and any other online video streaming service anywhere in Europe.

The portability regulation, which was made possible by the European Commission’s digital single market strategy, was passed in June last year. However, the rule was never enforced due to the nine-month wait period given to service providers to prepare for the new regulations. Get online help with netflix support helpline contact number.

Now that the waiting period is coming to an end, the portability regulations will be enforced and users across Europe will be able to access regionally locked services more freely while travelling abroad.

Under the previous rules, the local rights secured by the provider dictated where the content was available. Whereas under the new rules – as head of international media, entertainment and sport for international law firm Bird and BirdPhil Sherrell puts it – copyright friction will allow normal rules to be temporarily bentas users travel.

With the new rules in place, all paid services and content providers, be it video, music, games, sports or e-books, will be required to validate their subscriber’s home country and allow access across EU. Luckily, the regulations also prevent the service providers to charge their users extra for the service.

This wouldn’t get you access to any extra content, be wary. Not to mention, the free service providers like BBC will not be subject to retribution if they do not follow the regulation. Although, they could choose to, if to compete with other free service providing rivals.

With content download option in many of the online streaming services, it was not much of an issue with planned travelers. Not only could you download videos, movies, TV shows and music, even e-books were available for download. Nonetheless, it will be a blessing for unplanned travelers across Europe.

Explaining its process to prepare for the new rules, Now TV said, “Our technology teams have been busy behind the scenes, getting the service ready.From removing geo-blocking restrictions on EU countries so we can permit sign-in outside the UK to adding checks that the customer is eligible to roam and is accessing the service from an IP address in an EU member country.”

While Netflix said that its users will be able to take their home catalogue with for a limited period of time, BBC has not made their position clear. A corporation spokesperson said that they are interested in being able to allow UK license fee payers to access BBC iPlayer while they are on holiday, and welcome the EU regulation to help make this feasible. you can easily make direct contact on www.netflix.com/activate .

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